So my wife is preggers and I was originally looking forward to blobbing the crap out of the pregnancy but honestly *I am rigorously knocking on wood here* it’s been extremely smooth sailing thus far.  I was anticipating the worst and I don’t know if my wife is just cowboy’n up big time or if she’s just really fortunate.  I’d like to think a little of both. I mean, she’s married to me AmIRite?

Either way, Em has a good size bump now so I think I’ll start taking pics every other week to document the progress. I mean, you only have your first kid once, let’s make’r a good one.

IMG_0013_resize (1)


Another the baby note, the nursery is done, donezo, finito. I remember the day Emily found out she was pregnet, I could see the look in her eye that she was already all antsy in her pantsy to plan for the nursery.  A week later or so she had color samps and wanted help planning at which point I did everything I could to convince her to wait till we found out the sex.

She obliged me, thank goodness.

Fast forward to now, after she only asked me a hand full of times “do you like this” or “would you choose this or this” the nursery couldn’t have turned out better. It’s not at all lame over the top baby blue bleh and I truly love how it turned out. Check out Larry’s new digs:




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