Making Pizzas and Drinkin Dranks

Yesterday, Em and I had a nice lil Saturday. Home Depot, time for Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.  Jokes.  We hit up the Eagan dog park since it was such a sunny beautiful day to let Tot get his juke moves on (many dogs lost their shorts).  Even though he’s not a young spry two year old pup, he still sooo speeedy… for a couple of seconds.  I got to test out the new camera a bit and got some great shots of his little Einstein face goin full beast mode. Click on the pic for full gallery:


Later on we hosted Step and Alicia at our place to make pizzas and booze a bit. We sweet talked Carbone’s to get uncooked to-go pizzas and topped them ourselves with chickens, spinach, pepperonis, mushrooms and veggies ++  Step and I got into that Crown Royal Maple a little bit and hot damn is that stuff delicious.  Many Scattegories later, Em won *rolleyes*, played hearts till after 1:00 a.m. and Step helped me shoot the moon because it was gang-up-on-Emily time. Yours truly took the hearts W. #Oooompsk

Click pic below for gallery: