Norf Shore

Couple weekends ago (I know, I’m slacking) Em, Step, Alicia, TaterTot and I headed up to that North Shore.  BigBernie made the trip for us and it may have been one of, if not the, most beautiful drives I’ve been on.  I’ve been been up there before but the weather changes almost ever hour, the lake is massive, and the forestry / surroundings are quite enjoyable.

The four of us ponied up and stayed at a rent-a-cabin that was basically plopped on top of a mountain overlooking Superior. The driveway was the steepest grade BigBernie has ever climbed, I shit you not, 40-45 degree incline – #NBD. The cabin was so cozy and high quality. If I recall, the visitor log had entries starting in 08-09 so it was fairly new.

Emily shot a gun for the first time. It was tremendous. She is actually quite the marksme…markswoman? First she started on Step’s scoped .22, basically a pea shooter.  It was quite a jump from that to the .20 gauge but she knocked down a couple clays, did a happy dance, and was only reminded a couple times ‘muzzle awareness Em!’  Once she got all thuglife on us with that 9mm, jaws started dropping. I don’t know what to say, I am not a horrible shot, but I certainly aint like her, ya heard?

Speaking of how awesome Emily is, what a gal she was to spend the weekend up there stone sober while the three of us just drank our eyes out.  I gave a toast of recognition to express my gratitude to her but it needs to be said again. Thanks darlin.

Alicia and Adam brought up raclette for dinner, that was stoops delish. Raclette may be one of my new favorite things and if it weren’t for the fact that the last thing the Goon household needs is another sporadically used cooking appliance, I’d book it.  To those who’ve not yet treated yourself to raclette, don’t think about it, just do it.

Step and I hit up that sauna big time Saturday night. At the hottest, the thermo was reading 190 degrees. After boozing all afternoon / night, the sauna is crucial to sweat out the booze.  On a side note, I am so f’n glad to have Step as my sisters bee eff. I think of him as a brother and he’s just such a damn good guy.  All my friends get along with him, he’s always ready to shweel even if he’s hungover, and I like to think we’re similar in sense we both work hard / play hard.

Anywho, pics of our stay here:


Making Pizzas and Drinkin Dranks

Yesterday, Em and I had a nice lil Saturday. Home Depot, time for Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.  Jokes.  We hit up the Eagan dog park since it was such a sunny beautiful day to let Tot get his juke moves on (many dogs lost their shorts).  Even though he’s not a young spry two year old pup, he still sooo speeedy… for a couple of seconds.  I got to test out the new camera a bit and got some great shots of his little Einstein face goin full beast mode. Click on the pic for full gallery:


Later on we hosted Step and Alicia at our place to make pizzas and booze a bit. We sweet talked Carbone’s to get uncooked to-go pizzas and topped them ourselves with chickens, spinach, pepperonis, mushrooms and veggies ++  Step and I got into that Crown Royal Maple a little bit and hot damn is that stuff delicious.  Many Scattegories later, Em won *rolleyes*, played hearts till after 1:00 a.m. and Step helped me shoot the moon because it was gang-up-on-Emily time. Yours truly took the hearts W. #Oooompsk

Click pic below for gallery: