Fathers day #1

This last weekend was quite magnanamous. It began with a Friday night fish fry (Whiskeys in EauC does a phenomenal frying of the fishes), followed by Saturday golf at The Valley in Mondovi, WI (first round out for yours truly) followed by an evening out at the Sigy farm with a lot of food and a little drinking. . . or maybe it was a lot of both?

Sunday we schlepped James back into the cities and out West to Victoria. It was so great to see the Crometts, I miss them. Christina has grown up to a spitting image of Hannah, it is equal parts astonishing and awesome.  My parents gave me such a sentimental Fathers Day card, it’s definitely a keeper. Alicia gave me my first office picture of James and I already hung it on my wall.  It’s adorbs.

My thoughts on Fathers Day were, “I don’t really deserve this yet”. I haven’t really even paid my dues yet being a Dad but hot dog . . . I am JD’s Father, so yea. I get a day now and it’s awesome. I do feel terrible that I didn’t even get The Donald a card. With everything going on in EauC, and halling ass back to the cities, I dropped the ball big time.  He knows I love him, am forever grateful for his fatherhood efforts, and wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Speaking of that, here are the pics from the weekend with the link being a great pic of my Dad and I: