Summer what?

Where the eff did summer go?  All the sudden September is creepin’, work is getting mad crazy like, and students are back on campus.  FFS.  Blog time. Go.

James is growing like a weed. My “little fussy” is not so much living up to his name anymore – just happy as a pig in slop.  Daycare days have begun.  So far, so good and James seems to be making the adjustment pretty easily.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that our daycare lady is the sweetest evar and updates JD’s daily activities via mobile app?! What? I had no idea that I could pop out the old fruit phone and see when James took his last dump!? Love technology.

Speaking of the little fussy, here is his one month and two month shots:

One month:IMG_0421_resize

Two months:


Three month shots are happening any day now (Dad is slacking!)

JD got all up in that first 4th of July evar. Mom and Dad took him over to Step’s Grandpas place on Tonka.  GiGi and Auntie Alicia came with and it may very well have been one of, if not the, nicest 4th of July celebrations I can remember.



Celebrated GiGi’s bday a few weeks ago and James took his first trip to St. Paul. He is such a little guy and I love how his Grandparents adore him.  My Dad is so helpful every instance he can be simply because he has been there, done that. He knows that an extra hand is mighty helpful plus, it’s just his nature to help. They are both going to be such wonderful grandparents.




Fall . . . here we come.