First Easter for James

Who knew holidays could be so fun?  Em and I hosted our first Easter and it was a smashing success.  Success… you ask? How bout a 21lb turkey for five people and one infant.  Fresh green beans snapped by yours truly serving as the foundation for the best green been cassy evar. A new cheesy potato recipe (not really that risky, I mean.. it’s cheese and potatoes… what’s not to like?) that turned out splendid.

James got his first Easter basket filled with silly hats (perks of parenting) and bubbles.  Easter egg hunt was a hit and he enjoyed playing with the cheap made-in-china plastic eggs more than eating the yogurt melts I put inside.  Our neighborhood has quite a few wild turkeys and James’ was able to spot his first gobbler (he even fanned his feathers for him).  Holidays were always special to me as a kid and it’s truly awesome for me to put on my Clark Griswold hat, make a bunch of food, host family, and put on the best darn holiday a Dad can.

Life as a Dad is moving so quickly and all I can do is try and soak up those fine moments that really make me smile.  Hope everyone had a happy Easter.