Pancake Lake

Last weekend was the annual trip up to Pancake Lake / Sayer shack.  Last year was quite epic as far as fishing goes.  I was def. hoping this year would be no different.  I ended up toting CFOlson, Step, Cole and I in BigBernie. We stopped in Hinckley for some White Castle (it’s connected to a gas station. . . #merica), Moose Lake for Scrubway with the local fillies, and Cromstomp Muni to pull about $100 worth of tabs (got worked).

There was quite a bit of snow up in Wawina, MN as even Bernadette managed to get stuck here and there (she’s a heavy girl). Regrettably we stayed up till 5:00 a.m. the first night gettin the band back together. CFO and Cole were ripping up the sixstrings while Step and I did major work on vocals & harmonica. Damn we sounded good (to my not-so-sober ears)

Dave and Mooney met up with us Friday morning and we headed out to the ice. It was windy, and balls cold.  We didn’t see much action and soon it was time to de-thaw in the cabin while we waited for MountainMan and Kylla to arrive.  I took some money from those jokers in a game of hearts, Cole shot the moon with a f’n four of clubs, it was a shitshow.

Saturday was a gorgeous day on the ice (pano).

We had a great time grilling but fishing was a bit slow. We managed to offset the fishing by hastening the pace of drinking #success. By cabin time, after three straight nights of drinking, this old guy was straight cashed. Nothin left in the tank really.  I ended up getting just hamsteve’d and CFO went all CFO on me when I thought a king of clubs was really a spade. Now I know what his employees feel like the moment he fires their ass.

All in all a really fun trip. I love that bunch of guys and was telling my co-workers yesterday how it’s just awesome to have such a tremendous bunch of men to have a good ol time with.  We don’t even have “that guy” in our group, whom were obligated to invite, but no one really wants there (I just hope it’s not me… ooompsk)

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